• Fast Talkie

    Push to Talk button on your Lock Screen for Zello and VoicePing Walkie Talkie Apps

  • We help you PTT Faster

    Fast Talkie gives you common PTT Functions from your lock screen


    Power button to instantly PTT

    From Sleep, Power button activates Fast Talkie

    Fast Talkie replaces your lock screen. Once you press the power button on your phone, Fast Talkie comes on and ready to be used. Our lock screen prevents accidental presses on the PTT app.



    PTT From Lock Screen

    Hold Volume Down to PTT

    Using your hard volume down button, you can have real Push To Talk Behavior. Hard buttons give you that tactile feel. Simply hold, talk and release once you are done. You can also swipe up to unlock your phone if you are not ready to PTT.



    Control your PTT App from Lock Screen

    Press Volume Up to select next channel

    Common functions for PTT App are available on your lock screen. Other than selecting channels, you can also launch PTT App or replay the last message directly from Fast Talkie

  • How It Works

    Supports popular Walkie Talkie Apps like Zello, VoicePing and more to come

  • Supported Apps


    Walkie Talkie App

    PTT Button (Volume Down)


    Walkie Talkie App

    PTT Button (Volume Down)

    Change Channels (Volume Up)

  • App Developer?

    We are looking to support all PTT Apps. Let's have a talk about Intents.

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    Mon- Fri, 10am to 6pm
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