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Use any hard button on your phone for PTT

Custom Buttons allows you to use extra keys on your phone or buttons on your bluetooth remote.

You can now choose any button your phone or Bluetooth Buttons to activate PTT!

By default the PTT key for Fast Talkie is mapped to the Volume Down button. In Fast Talkie 1.4, you can change the PTT key to any other button. This makes PTT much easier for phones with Programmable keys, SOS keys, Multi-functional keys, Camera buttons or Volume buttons.

For example, on BV6800 PRO phone, it has a Programmable Key. This key can be used to activate PTT with Fast Talkie.

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For additional convenience, you can also map the same hardware key in your PTT App so you can use the same key for PTT when Fast Talkie is on the screen or when you are in the app.

How to assign any hardware button as PTT

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Bluetooth Buttons with Fast Talkie

In addition to allowing buttons on your phone, you can also assign any bluetooth button as a PTT key.

We recommend Bluetooth buttons that can has a key to pick up phone calls. When Fast Talkie is installed, press this button lights up your phone and brings you to Fast Talkie immediately.

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You can then PTT using your assigned key.

The center buttons wakes up on your phone screen if it was switched off. You can then use any other button to PTT. On VoicePing, the left/right button changes channel so we suggest using the Volume Down/Volume Up Button.

Here is a video using a Samsung Phone with Satechia Media Button