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Promo Code Redemption

For Blackview Phone buyers from, a free Fast Talkie Pro to enable PTT.

Thank you for your purchase of our Blackview Smartphone. We note that you have indicated a redemption of Fast Talkie PRO (

You should have received the promo code in your email after the warranty registration is successful. If you did not, please check your submission:

We hope that Fast Talkie Pro will allow you to use the custom button on your Blackview Smartphone as convenient PTT button.

Instructions to redeem Fast Talkie PRO


  1. Download and open the Fast Talkie App:
  2. Open the PRO Section
  3. Tap on [Purchase Now]
  4. Tap on the Right Arrow to select other payment types
  5. Tap on [Redeem Code]
  6. Fill in the promo code
  7. Tap on [ ADD ITEM]

Your redemption is now complete. You can use the Custom button on left side of Blackview Phones as a PTT button. You can read more about it's operation here:

Fast Talkie enables PTT button on Blackview phones even when screen is off
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