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Bluetooth button for PTT on Zello/VoicePing

Allows you to get true Push-To-Talk even when your screen is off.

When driving, it is safer to use remote control to activate Push-To-Talk. This ensures you have your hands on the wheel all the time to comply with traffic rules and improves driver safety.

Some innovative push to talk users have came up with some ways to do this. The current methods to do this is via the following methods

Using Remote Camera buttons meant for Selfies

This requires some setup to map the camera button to the push to talk behavior of the walkie talkie app that you are using. You can check out this video for how to do it.

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This method ONLY works if you are in the PTT app and if you screen is on. This means that if you are switching between applications, you have to touch your phone to  get back into the Walkie Talkie App like Zello before you can use the remote camera button.

Thus it is still not a very convenient and safe method.

Using Bluetooth buttons that has call/answer function

Most Push To Talk apps like VoicePing/Zello also activate their Push-To-Talk when the Call/Answer function is activated by a remote bluetooth headset or wired headset.

Some Bluetooth buttons also replicate this command and can be used to activate PTT. In this method, the Push To Talk works in Toggle mode. Toggle mode means you press once to start. After you are done talking, you have to remember to press again to stop.

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This works alright is you remember to press to stop or else you could be sending noise to a lot of people. You can even accidentally trigger a PTT without knowing it and leak sensitive information.

Toggle mode is also a big behavior change for most walkie talkie users so that’s another challenge as well.

There is a better solution with Fast Talkie

Today we will introduce how Fast Talkie paired with a Bluetooth button gives you true Push-To-Talk behavior.

What is Fast Talkie?

FT is a add-on application for Walkie Talkie apps. It replaces your lock screen. When you press the power button on your phone,     Fast Talkie comes up and is listening for key presses to start your Push To Talk.

By default, when Fast Talkie is on the screen, you can use Volume Down button to Talk. Releasing the button will automatically stop the PTT. Fast Talkie provides true PTT behavior.

When paired with the following BT button, FT allows you true PTT behavior without the need to keep you screen on all the time.

In this video, we use VoicePing as the demo app but this can also work for Zello. We show you the following

  1. Press Volume down on the button to PTT. This works when Fast Talkie is on the screen.

  2. Press the Play/Pause button to on or off the screen.

    1. Switch off the screen when you no longer need to PTT.

    2. Switch on the screen if you want to initiate PTT.

We understand you might want to use other buttons other than Vol Down for PTT. In Fast Talkie version 1.4, we have unlocked a PRO feature that allows you to select other buttons for PTT. Go ahead and give it a try.

Buy compatible Bluetooth Button: Bluetooth Button Series (Media Button)

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