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VoicePing Push-to-Talk App

Walkie talkie App for Android & iOS Users

VoicePing is a Push-to-talk App that enables seamless communication with your staff from anywhere at anytime.


Nation-wide PTT

With service coverage provided by data networks (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), you will always be able to reach staff.


Send text messages can be sent instead of voice messages. It is also integrated with the Text-to-speech option, where messages will be read out automatically to the receiver.


Pictures can be used in multiple ways, such as Proof of Work for on-field workers, update work progress to superiors etc.

Desktop PTT

Our Desktop PTT App allows in-office staff to communication with on-field worker at anytime.


Faster Communication

With VoicePing, communication is faster because of its multiple modes of communication. Voice Messages can be sent in real-time which allows your co-worker to hear you while you speak simultaneously.

Discreet Communication

VoicePing is integrated with SW3 PTT Headset (Wired & Bluetooth) which allows users to change channels & send PTT messages using the headset buttons. Users don't have to manually operate the phone to use PTT functions.

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